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Poll Question : Do you wear Elevator shoes?
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#1 Posted : Wednesday, November 2, 2016 4:01:31 AM(UTC)

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(1st Nov 2016 )

101066 order arrived yesterday, and I am very impressed. This is my second pair of boots and couldnt be happier. Already looking to order another pair these fit so well!

(15th Oct 2016)

Hello Allan,

I received the first three pairs of shoes- they are amazing- in fact so nice I do not [censored]t to wear them!

(13th Oct 2016)

Thank you for the shoes, I really like them, you do a wonderful job. I am waiting for the last pair , hopefully I can receive this week or at the latest next week. Thanks again I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

(13th Oct 2016)

Thank you. I picked them up earlier in the day. They look great and are pretty comfortable as well. I appreciate it.

(12th Oct 2016)

Mr. Alan/Don,

Thank you much for rushing my delivery. I received the shoes yesterday. I am so happy!! You have a customer for life! Amazing product!

(8th Oct 2016)

just [censored]ted to mention that the pair of MST Elegant dress boots I bought last year are still in great shape. They still look nearly brand new, even though I've been wearing them almost everyday, so thanks for making a perfect boot!

(7th Oct 2016)

hi Allan just [censored]ted to say that the pepper shoes i ordered have gotten me tons of compliments and men [censored]ting to know where i bought them. best pair of shoes i've ever owned

(28th Sept 2016)


picked up the shoes and now on second day of use. Very pleased so far, good fit and very comfortable.

Nice work on the repair too. Thanks

(27th Sept 2016)


Just received the shoes today!!!! These are probably the best shoes I have ever owned in my life. Honestly speaking they are the perfect shoe if one was ever made! Please Please make me another one for same cost if you can. I will email you the details of the color and details soon. Thank you so much for the quick turn around and the beautiful craftsmanship.


(26th September)

Allan! I just received the shoes! Wow!!! Truly a masterpiece!!! :)

(23rd Sept 2016)


Nous avons reçu les chaussures. Elles sont superbes.


(22nd Sept 2016)

Got the shoes. They look great - thanks :)

(6th Sept 2016)

Hi Don,I just love my shoes,and I am so glad to have found your company.I think we will be doing busines.s for many years to come.

(6th Sept 2016)


It’s been a while, but I [censored]ted to reach out and let you know how much I’m enjoying these shoes you made for me. They are absolutely spectacular. Everywhere I go I get compliments on how beautiful they are, and I love to show them off and tell people how they were hand made by you and everything. Anyways, I just [censored]ted to say thank you again.

(2nd September 2016)

Hello Allan,

The McFadens are awesome!

They arrived @ 02:30 pm EST.

I cannot remember having this much elevation on a shoe or boot ever, and the fit is perfect, see photo attached.

(2nd Sept 2016)

Hi Don,

I received the MST Slender Monk and they look great. They also fits me perfect..

(2nd September 2016)

Hi Allan, I received the shoes and they are amazing!! Thank you! I am really happy with them. ill e mail u around next for the next shoes =) thanks

(15th Aug 2016)

I've been wearing these for a couple weeks now and they're amazing! So much better than wearing inserts, my balance is great, and the shoes are beautiful. Thanks so much! I'll be ordering a few more pairs soon.

(11th Aug 2016)

Hey buddy, I got my shoes and I LOVE THEM BOTH. Thank you very much. I am extremely happy. I will be ordering some more this or next week.


(6th Aug)

Hello Allan! I love the shoes you made for me. They are everything I [censored]ted, and have broken in nicely.

(4th Aug)

Hi Allan,
I have just received the shoes.

They look great !


(30th July 2016)
Hi Allen,

I got the shoes and they are great. Thanks much. Think you got me as a returning customer.

(22nd of July 2016 )


You have an absolutely superior product. The midsole technology allows the shoes to have an even platform, as you know, thus decreasing any back pain that can come with typical elevator shoes.

Allan, these shoes are AMAZING!!! They look even better than what I imagined them to be. I'm beyond impressed. These are literally the best shoes I've ever had. And they got here so quickly! :)

Thanks so, so, SO much! You've made a huge improvement in my life and for that I'm enormously grateful.

Keep up the good work and I'll certainly spread the word around about how great you and your shoes are!

Kind regards,

(19th July)

Hello dear Allan, I got my boots ☺ and i [censored]na thank you very much, i like them so much. you are the best!!! be sure i'll come again.
Hugs ☺

(15th July 2016)

Hi Allan
Shoes arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier with them. They are the perfect fit and match the suit perfectly.
Amazing work
Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone.

(14th July 2016)

I'm in love with my boots Allan. Seriously in love.

Thank you.

(12th July 2016)

Hi Don

First off- I love the Vans Tribute 01 you sent me a few months back-great fit and I get compliments all the time.

(11th July 2016)


I received the shoes and they are truely fantastic. They look great and seem really durable. Thank you so much for all your work on these shoes, and I am definitely going to purchase from you in the near future. Thank you again!

(6th July 2016)

Thanks Don! I love your boots, tell me if I can help spread word. You are an Artist and Master craftsman! Your shoes rival any I've seen in the entire world. I get compliments wearing them proudly everywhere. Many thanks again,

(5th July)

Hello Allan/Don,
Just [censored]ted to let you know I have received my boots and they are spectacular.Thank you for the quality and effort you put into making these, you now have a new customer for life.


(4th July)

allan hello

received the shoes thank you they are fab

kind regards

(2nd July 2016)

Hi Allan,

The shoes arrived a few days ago, and they're totally fabulous. Great quality and workmanship, and very comfortable.

Thanks a ton!

(29th June 2016) Post Brexit

I received the shoes you sent me and I must say that they are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sending me such a great product - I absolutely love them. I posted some more nice things for you. I posted a picture of my shoes on Reddit’s /r/shoes,

Just sent an order for my second pair. The pair on my feet right now have been my almost constant companion of three years

(27th June 2016)

Finally had a chance to wear my new Airboots... So far they're an excellent pair of boots. Thanks for doing such a great job on them. I expect to order some other shoes/boots in the near future. A pleasure doing business with you.

(23rd June)

Hi Don,

Just received the shoes. I really like it. Thank you and Ill order more soon.

(22nd June 2016)

Hi I just got my shoes and I have to say that it was worth the long way!!🤗👍🏻 I love them so much thank you very much you did a fantastic job!

(21st June 2016)

I just [censored]t to say that I have received my shoes and they are great! The quality and the look are exactly what I was hoping for. I look forward to further purchases.

(15th June 2016)

Hi Allan, I received the shoes today. The shoes are great ! Thank you, best regards,

(15th June 2016)

got shoes...looking good..will order some more..

(9th June 2016)

Very beautiful pair of shoes. Thank you for trying again to get a good fit, you hit it right on. Please do keep accurate records as I may order shoes from you in the future.

(9th June 2016)
Hi Allan
I got the package. Excellent product.

(8th June 2016)
Dear Alan,

I just got both my new shoes; they look great and fit perfect!

Thank you so much and hope to order more soon.

Keep up the good job!

Best regards,

(5th June 2016)
Received shoes. Absolutely beautiful. Ur craftsmanship is superb!

(29th May 2016)
Hi Allan,
Just [censored]ted to give you some feedback on the shoes.
They’re fantastic! Broken them in now and they’re super comfortable and look great.
Trying to decide what my next pair will be

(29th May 2016)
Hello again
Received and have worn my beast pair, love the craftsmanship, will definitely get 9.5 1/2 from now on. Another order coming soon!
(27th May 2016)
My Fossato boots are still going strong after about three and a half years too. Thank you.

(25th May 2016)
Hey man got the shoes today and they are awesome. So comfortable and the material is so amazing. Worth every penny!

Thanks Allan.

(24t May)
Just got the shoes. They look just amazing and fit perfect. I am beyond pleased with the product as well as service. You guys are great. I'll make sure I recommend them to any I know.

All the best and Thank you again.

(17th May 2016)
Hi Allan,
I am very satisfied with the shoes, I would not hesitate to order more

Thank you

(16th May 2016)
Hi Allan

I just [censored]ted to congratulate myself with you for the shoes you sent me, delivery was fast and the shoes themselves are beautiful and the fit is perfect. Thank you very much once more.

(16th May 2016)
I bought a pair of boot rom you three years ago. I've worn them literally almost every day since and I still love them but it is time for another.
(13th May 2016)
Hi Allan,
Thank you and extremely pleased and delighted with the shoes, wearing the business ones today with my Hackett Suit and looks great. I love the attention to detail, the soles are very impressive too, feel snug on first outing but will I know soon give to my foot and I can tell already just how comfy they are.

(28th April 2016
Got the boots! They are amazing! Look just like the YSL’s. Thanks again Allan

(20th April 2016)
Got them! Love them! Thanks for the excellent work!

(16th April 2016)
Dear Allan,

Thank you for the masterpieces you have crafted, very well received, and beyond all expectations. I've never had or even seen a pair of shoes made to such an extremely high standard.

(15th April 2016)
All arrived. Looking great. Fits much better, thanks Allan. These are quite cool.

(14th April 2016)
Received the shoes today, they are fantastic quality and look just like I [censored]ted! Will definitely be a continuing customer of Don’s Footwear.

(11th April 2016)
Hey Allan!!
I got the shoes last week, and I put them on for the first time last night when I went to the casino & bar, They are Absolutely Perfect!!!!! Omg I love them!! I think these are a little more elevated than my last pair (which I love)!!! I had my shoe smith put this (Goodyear rubber) bottoms on the soul and heel to protect the leather. It's Amazing!!
Again Allan they are perfect!! Keep my size in your computer, and the elevated amount as well cause I'm going to order another pair, I just need to pick another style out.
Fabulous work Allan!!!!! Even my shoe smith complemented on the workmen ship!!!

(10th April 2016)


Shoes came in perfect timing, really loved them. They were excellent dancing shoes as well. Thanks again for everything.😄

Take care


(2nd April 2016)


Two weeks from our last email and we received the shoes yesterday!!!

First, thank you for shipping the shoes expedited to me.
Second, we will be purchasing shoes in August for the Fall.
Third, I can't express how much I appreciate your fast service for a well crafted hand made product!!!


(1st April 2016)
Hello, stumbled upon your website. Your shoes look amazing and the craftsmanship is quite exquisite! I look forward to ordering my first pair someday. Thank you

(31st March 2016)
Allan! Wow man I am completely blown away at how tremendously awesome the shoes are. They arrived at my folks house and they brought them to my place last night. They are truly the perfect wedding shoe in every way. I love the color, fit, and feel like a new man in them. Without a doubt the finest pair of shoes I have ever owned. I just [censored]ted to send you my thanks and appreciation for working with me and for all of the hard work you and your team put in. I have been bragging about how excited I have been and how truly awesome the whole experience has been. I can't wait to get my next pair soon. I hope you are well this week and thank you again for everything. Long live Don's Footwear!

(31st March 2016)

Hello Allan,

I got it ! Very happy with your handwork, exactly my size and very comfortable.

Just have to set a pad for the sole.

Thank you very much.

(22nd March 2016)
Don! -- The shoes came and THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I am completely in love with them and they fit like a GLOVE.
Thank you for making these shoes possible in time for my wedding-- it means so much!
Already can't wait to order my next pair from you!


(19th March 2016)
hello I have received chaussures.elles are beautiful and high quality manufacturing. I'll order you yet other shoes and go through air .merci email and congratulations to the shoemaker

Envoyé de mon iPhone

(18th March 2016)
The black hulks with black soles arrived and they're spectacular. They're extremely comfortable to wear. One of my all time favorites!

(18th March 2016)
These are amazing! Thanks Allan
(16th March 2016)
I just received my boots "The Dealer" and I must say they are beautiful! They are beautifully made, very high quality. The fit and comfort are excellent as well. Thank You.

(8th March 2016)
By the end of the day they were perfect and today I have been boring everybody about how comfortable they feel.
You did a great job . I will be back later in the year for more.
(29th Feb 2016)
I'm very grateful for the MST Classic 512 shoes you handcrafted for me. They were very comfortable to wear on my wedding day and I owe that pleasant experience on the most important day of my life to you. I was able to dance in them for 2 hours and they felt like sport shoes. They also looked very nice with the tuxedo and received many compliments.

(17th Feb 2016)
Hi Don -
I've bought a pair of shoes from you before. They are the best pair of shoes I've ever owned. Thank you for a great product.

(15th Feb 2016)
I got a pair from you around 4 years ago (The Massa Carrara) in BLACK, WITHOUT the Buckle, maybe you remember. Allan the workmanship you put into these is Amazing!!! I still have them, but it's time for a new pair!!

(9th Jan 2016)
Once again, I [censored]t to tell you how good the shoes you have made for me look---and the more I wear them the better they feel. You are a craftsman

(26th Jan 2016)
Incredible! Just got the shoes...my posture's already improving!
Thanks much, Don!


(19th Jan 2016)

Thanks Allan

I have tried different elevator shoes eg. guidomaggi.com but they quality of the finished work was poor. I like your approach that seems very professional and if is everything as it looks like you will gain a loyal customer.

Best regards


(10th Jan 2016)
Now with your mid-sole technology you are making the BEST dam shoe on the market bar none. I can but offer you my highest regards and compliments. I get many compliments as the quality of the shoe is evident even by simple sight. I am about to make the 4th purchase in about as many months.

You make them so beautifull that they are beautiful in every color..
Very comfortable and does not look weird eventhogh it is the highest shoe. Great work
Thank you very much
Can't wait for the next pair (7th Jan 2016)

I get endless compliments on your new monks - they are truly great shoes. (3rd Jan 2016)

Hi Allen - I received the shoes and they are amazing! I love them !! Thank you so much. The craftsmanship is beautiful!!!

Sent from my iPhone (1st Jan 2016)

You done GOOD Don Allan. (1st Jan 2016)
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